Our History

More than one third of the acreage in Solebury Township, PA – where Primrose Creek is located – is preserved land in the form of open space or farms. It reflects the priorities of the community. Consequently, Primrose Creek Watershed Association, along with the other Solebury watershed organizations, has an active role in the community.

Typically, PCWA sponsors several sustainability-oriented, volunteer and educational programs each year. As with all non-profit organizations, funding is a constant concern. During the short time PCWA has been in existence, we have tried to enhance every grant and donation by at least 50% through volunteer efforts or in-kind contributions. 

The following is an outline of our activities since 2009:


  • In April, PCWA Annual Meeting, Phillips Mill, “Water Resources in the Home: What you can do to improve and protect your water.”
  • Held workshop focusing on Invasive/Native Plants.
  • Ongoing discussions with DEP concerning the PCWA appeal.


  • Expanded newsletter publications to two editions per year and coverage to 800 households.
  • Partnered with Stroud Water Research Center to present very popular Macro Invertebrate Workshop.
  • Designed April 2013 Native/Evasive Plant workshop at Bucks County Audubon Society nature center as a result of a foundation grant.
  • While working with Bucks County Audubon Society, coordinated “Watershed Field Day” with New Hope-Solebury Middle School.
  • Held Earth Day clean up event with several New Hope/Solebury Girl Scout troops.
  • Received $1,000 IBM grant to redesign PCWA website to enhance educational aspect of primrosecreek.org. Work is in process.


  • PCWA benefited from four grants: DEP Growing Greener, TreeVitalize, IBM, and Verizon.
  • Successfully filed with IRS to obtain 501(c)3 non-profit status.
  • Organized an Earth Day clean up event with several New Hope/Solebury Girl Scout troops as well as the high school environmental club.
  • First membership drive: approximately 70 members and $2,000.
  • Met with Michael Krancer, DEP Secretary, Bernie O’Neill and State Rep. Chuck McIlhinney in Harrisburg to discuss New Hope/Solebury sustainability issues
  • Established stream monitoring group.
  • While partnering with Bucks County Conservation District and TreeVitalize, Solebury School, Giant Foods, planted 70 trees in Solebury.
  • While partnering with DCNR and Bucks County Audubon Society. sponsored a stream monitoring workshop.
  • Issued first newsletter.


  • Organized Earth Day clean up event with several New Hope/Solebury Girl Scout troops.
  • Conducted nature walks along the lower end of Primrose Creek.
  • Received $6,400 PA DEP Growing Greener grant, one of three in Pennsylvania for this year to fund general startup organizing effort.
  • Launched “primrosecreek.org”, PCWA website to enhance our communications.
  • Became a Pennsylvania non-profit organization.
  • First annual meeting.
  • Invited by the Solebury Township Supervisors several times during the year to discuss conditions in Primrose Creek Watershed.


  • Launched feasibility efforts to determine need for Primrose Creek Watershed Association.
  • Published first brochure in an attempt to communicate with community.
  • Formed PCWA board of directors.
  • Successfully applied for PA DEP Growing Greener grant.