Primrose Creek Watershed


Primrose Creek Watershed Association volunteers participate in many types of interesting activities, enjoy nature and contribute to the community. We hope you will join one of our committees! If you are interested, please call 215-862-5256 or send an email to

Education Committee
Education is a very strong element in our organization. Please contact us if you would like to share your thoughts concerning a new educational program you think we should sponsor. We believe education is for everyone, regardless of age.

Membership Committee
We are impressed and grateful for the number of individuals who have become PCWA members. To enhance our capabilities, we intend to reach out to additional residents of our community who might be interested in joining PCWA.

Newsletter and Other Publications
Communication is very important to us. We need writers, photographers, artists as well as someone who can design a newsletter on a PC/MAC.

Website Manager, Writer, Editor
Communication extends to our website. We need a person (or persons) willing to keep our website current with new and exciting content.   

Special Event Committee
Would you like us to sponsor an event? If you have n idea for an event and believe others in our community would be interested in participating, please let us know. If your idea is feasible, we will work with you to make it a reality.

Stream Monitor Team
When it comes to caring for our streams and rivers, local watershed groups often lead the way. We have designed a cost effective means for residents to use PCWA-supplied tools to evaluate the health of Primrose Creek. No experience is needed to participate in this hands-on program.